Would you drive 600 miles for water?

You read it right, we drove over 600 miles (Las Colinas, Texas to Hot Springs, Arkansas) for water. I can see your eyebrows going up, eyes getting wide and you mouthing the words, ‘what in the world.’ Trust me it is worth it and I am about to explain why.

About 2 years ago Luke surprised me with a getaway trip to Hot Springs Arkansas. She knew that I needed a getaway and somewhere nature would be easily accessible. She chose the small town of Hot Springs, Arkansas. Our first trip was a first time experience that would last beyond the quick weekend getaway. Our first time we explored the town walked through the natural forest, took a hot bath at the bath spa and tried the local diner fare. All these are great things but these aren’t the things that bring us back. It’s the water.

Hot springs Arkansas gets its name from the hot springs that run under the ground, you can learn more here. There are free water fountains throughout the downtown area of hot springs. The first time trying the water we instantly could taste the difference. We drove a few miles out of the downtown area and grabbed 3 5 gallon water jugs and filled them up. After we ran out of water we could not go back to drinking bottled water. The difference was that impactful to us. Some things we noticed after and during drinking the hot springs water were.

  1. Purity in taste
  2. Skin softness
  3. Detoxification

Now we have 10,Β  5 gallon jugs and we take out quick water run road trip about every 6 months. We use the water for everything and love the benefits.

How far would you drive to collect 6 months worth of water?