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The Perfect Luxury Vacation Hideaway in Alpharetta, Georgia

The Perfect Luxury Vacation Hideaway at Hotel Avalon in Alpharetta, Georgia

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Can I start off this post by keeping it real? Permission granted? Okay, great so let me share something with you all. Normally when traveling I do not invest the majority of my money in my hotel stay. Of course, keep it decent but I am not the one that will spend a lot of my travel funds on the hotel. I have a couple of reason for this the main to are the fact that I like to spend my money on experiences and food plus I am barely in my hotel room when traveling other than showering, changing clothes and sleeping.

You can trust that my thoughts on Hotel Avalon are based solely on my honest experience.

Now for the good stuff, my friends, let me introduce you to this superb hotel!

My stay at the Hotel Avalon started on the evening of a Thursday. My sister,  Tiffany and I were staying at the hotel for The Blog Societies 6th Annual Conference. Check out my recap post here. Thursday evening was a rough one, both of our flights were delayed due to a storm that was rolling through so as soon as we arrived at the airport we ran and hugged each other to death then headed out the door to pick up our wheels for the weekend. We hopped into our free red Mazada 6 ride, compliments of Mazda, turned on the music and prepared ourselves for the 1-hour drive to Alpharetta, Georgia.

3 hours later! 

We arrived. With the delay of our flights, the storm and rush hour traffic our 1-hour drive quickly turned into a 3-hour bumper-to-bumper road trip. Honestly, we were both a little frazzled at this point but that was all smoothed over as soon as we drove up to Hotel Avalon. we were greeted with several smiles from the valet attendees as they opened our doors, unloaded our luggage and answered all of our questions we started to shake off the stress of the drive. Immediately the valet attendee named Justin complimented our nice ride.

As he opened the door he said, whoa.. is this the 2018 Mazda 6? I responded flatteringly, of course, it is. His face lit up as he explained that the currently drives the Mazda 6th 2016 and it’s his favorite car he as owned.

Needless to say, he was more than excited to drive the sleek red Mazda safely to the Valet covered parking garage.

Want to take a look inside the 2018 Mazda 6? Click here to watch my quick IGTV video!

Once inside the hotel atmosphere drew us in. As we walked in on our left was an amazing lounge with a  wood burning fireplace. To our right hotel guest were enjoying their evening liquid beverages as the winded down from the hustle of the day. We proceeded to check in and were greeted by Jeremy who had the biggest smile on his face. He was so welcoming and open to listening to our cackling as we explained to him our travel experience. He politely apologized and welcomed us by saying he was glad that we were able to make it to the Hotel Avalon safely. Just when we thought this was it, he walked from behind the counter to hand us our room keys and he added a complimentary drink card to help settle our nerves. I knew at that moment this was going to be one amazing stay!

Let me point out some of the reasons that Hotel Avalon is the perfect vacation hideaway.
Rooms are spacious with large windows for natural light

The rooms at the Hotel Avalon are spacious and include everything you need. You will have access to everything to make your stay away from home comfortable. With a spacious walk-in shower, storage space, small frig, and comfy beds. You will have access to everything to make your stay away from home comfortable. The room included a large window that allowed the natural light to parade into our room. I am a natural light kinda girl. Waking up each morning pulling the curtains back and being greeted with the warm sensation of the sun helps me start my day off in a mindful way.

Shops and restaurants within walking distance

Hotel Avalon is nestled back in Alpharetta, Georgia. It is surrounded by premium shops and restaurants. You will not need to drive anywhere other than arriving at the hotel. Everything is within walking distance of the hotel. If you are not feeling up to the walk Hotel Avalon provides a complimentary ride to and from any of the shops and restaurants.

Restaurant bar and Starbucks within the Hotel

If you are considering a real getaway and want to stay as close as you can to your hotel room (which I wouldn’t blame you, the beds are the softest!) You can do this because Hotel Avalon is built with you in mind. With a Starbucks, bar, and restaurant connected to the hotel, everything is close by.

Hotel staff treats you like family!

I am huge on experiences (if you can’t tell). Hotel Avalon delivers on every aspect of what I look for as a hotel guest. The hotel staff from valet to guest services, everyone was genuinely friendly. I was honestly treated like family during my stay.

My experience at the Hotel Avalon was definitely one of a kind from start to finish. This is a hotel that I will love to share with friends and family.

Now for the photos!


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