Raise Your Hand and Say Yes to Confidence! Podcast Interview with Tiffany Han

Let’s keep it real, I have done plenty of interviews in my past but none of them a comparable to my interview with Tiffany Han at Raise Your Hand. Say Yes. There are many amazing people existing in the world, we all know this. But when you meet one of these amazing human beings face to face, your life can change. Before you dig in and listen to the podcast interview (we can call it a heart to heart conversation, yeah that’s more like it! Let me tell you a little bit about Tiffany and what she is all about. It won’t take much because I can sum it up in a few words.

Tiffany Han is about telling the motherf*cking truth!

The most exciting part is that she does this in her own creative realm but she also teaches other creatives and online entrepreneurs how to find their creative voice. But she doesn’t leave you singing to the masses once you’ve found this voice. Oh no, she helps you tune your voice so you can grow into the human you are meant to be.  She shows you the power that you already possess in your voice and how you can use it for the greater good.

Beautiful right? I told you Tiffany was pretty awesome!

I met Tiffany in 2017 at my very first Alt Summit. On the first day, I attended her session and automatically fell in love. See I am all about honesty and transparency and this sounds good on paper but what I love most is someone who can talk the talk while walking the walk. This is what Tiffany Han does. And she does it so well. After meeting, hugging, laughing and talking to Tiffany I knew she was someone I wanted to have in my circle. So when she invited me to have a conversation with her on her podcast, I was honored. Seriously honored.

So while you listen to our conversation know that we are speaking the truth. Full fledge, no fudge honest transparency. This is something I do best and sharing pieces that help others feel confident is what I am passionate about.

Now I am going to stop typing so you can start listening!

Here is the full blog post from my conversation with Tiffany Han.

Once you have listened to it comment below and let me know your thoughts, I see them, I read them and they really make my day!

Go forward fiercely,


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