I Gave Universal Threads a Try- These are my Thoughts

I raise my hand as one of the guilty fashionistas in the room, I Gave Universal Threads a Try- These are my Thoughts! When I heard that Target was going to be hosting Universal Threads as a designer I grabbed my purse and zoomed to the nearest Target store. While on the phone with my sister Tiffany at Tiffanydbrown.com sharing my finds with her along the way. Let us just say…we were pretty freaking stoked about the styles Universal Thread had curated for us Target fans!

I Gave Universal Threads a Try- These are my Thoughts

I decided to grab a few pieces to try out. Honestly, although I had heard about the clothing line I myself had never purchased any pieces from them before. I wanted to give my honest review of what I thought of the new line based on the company ethics and the feel of the clothing overall. Two things I am always focused on when I am supporting brands. So without further ado let’s get into my thoughts on Universal Threads.

I gave Universal Threads a Try- And these are my thoughts

Starting with my favorable opinion let me say that I love the direction that Universal Threads is going in striving to make a positive impact on the fashion industry and the earth. If you are saying, DeAna what the heck are you talking about? Keep reading my friend I’m about to give you the sauce!

  1. A portion of Universal Threads jeans have pockets that are constructed with a polyester made from recycled plastic bottles
  2. The jeggings they design are finished with a natural substance that helps reduce water, chemical, and energy consumption during production.
  3. They used recycled cotton in a portion of their designs.

Talking about Universal Impact!

Aside from Universal Threads having a strong foundation in making a positive impact. I purchased 3 items from their recent line. Women’s Striped Maxi Dress,  Women’s Wrap Front Floral Midi Dress and Women’s Jena Lace Up Sneakers

When I slid my body into the Women’s Wrap Front Floral Midi Dress I was sold. This dress is so soft and flowing that I could do not want to take it off!  It was easy to put on.  The wrap was easy to secure and long enough that I didn’t feel as if anything was exposed. You ladies get what I’m saying.

Speaking of length this will have to me by only unfavorable opinion about the two dresses from Universal Threads. I can’t say that they are truly made with petite women in mind. If I didn’t wear a pair of heels with these dresses then they would be dragging on the ground behind me. Which is never a good look. I wanted to try wearing one of the dresses with a pair the Universal Thread tennis shoes. But wasn’t able to pull the look off due to the length of the dress compared to my overall height in flats. Needless to say, if you are 5’3’ and under you will find it best to wear either of these dresses with a heel.

Overall I love what Universal Threads is doing overall as a fashion design line.  I would purchase items from them again!

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