How to explore Austin Texas in 48 hours

How to explore Austin, Texas with only 48 hours to spare! 


Living in Dallas, Texas I quickly learned that Austin, Texas is a city I should get familiar with. Being an actress in the DFW area often times I  have to hop the road for auditions. Austin is a city of entertainment and opportunities for actresses like myself. Austin is a city that surprises you on just how much it has to offer. Needless to say, Austin is a city that both locals and tourist should check out.  We wanted to have a mid-week getaway we hop in our free ride thanks to  Mitsubishi and headed to Austin, Texas.

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On my ride down I thought that this would be a great opportunity to share my tips on how to make a plan to explore Austin, Texas when you only have a few hours to spare, in this case only 48 hours.

How to explore Austin, Texas with only 48 hours to spare! 

Have a plan

The plan doesn’t have to pages and pages long just a simple outline of what plans you have. I like to start by blocking out the hours that are already assigned to scheduled appointments. For example, I knew that we would be attending a concert this time so I took the block of hours out of my plan that we would be getting ready, driving to and attending the concert. You want to do this for anything that you know is required. These can be meetings, conference calls, appointments, things that you have already purchased tickets for. Anything that you can not change the time on. Now with the open time slots, you want to fill those in with the really good stuff. Look up locations, opening and closing times and the address. Plug the addresses into your notes on your phone so when you are traveling from spot to spot the addresses are accessible for you to add to your GPS. Driving the Mitsubishi made this so easy to do, we were able to enter the addresses to the locations and drive there with ease while maintaining safe driving standards.

Always have 2-3 food options

There are so many amazing food options in Austin, Texas you want to make sure you get the best taste while you are there. They are noted as the food truck capital so you are bound to find something to satisfy your taste buds in Austin. Keep 2-3 food options in your plans each to include breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During our trip, we decided to go to Manana (for a morning coffee) followed by Flyrite for lunch.

Consider the travel time: arrival and departure

This is very important when you are on a time crunch and want to explore a city. Considering the travel time will help you make sure you get to places you want to try before they close. I have been wanting to watch the sunset on the patio of the Oasis restaurant for years, but I could never fit it into our travel schedule. This time I switched things up and added this restaurant to the top of our list. our drive time and the time that the sun would be setting. While including time to check into the hotel and drive to the restaurant we ended up arriving at the perfect time to watch the sunset of Lake Austin. Don’t forget dessert and mid-day snacks check out our photos of the favorite places we like to grab our sweet treats! 

Reliable transportation 

As you know in order to get out and explore you must have reliable transportation. We cruised from Dallas to the artistic Austin, Texas in a luxurious Mitsubishi Outlander, compliments of Mitsubishi. I found this vehicle to overdeliver on luxury and safety. When visiting the 7th street in Austin, tx you are required to park by backing into the parking spots. If not you could get an illegal parking ticket. The Mitsubishi Outlander made parking so easy with its back up camera.

Entertainment at your fingertips 

Whenever I know we are about to travel I always pull up my Groupon app to see what deals are available. We have saved so much money by using Groupon and I have found so many new places based on this app. I was able to find tickets to the Janet Jackson: State of the World Tour concert! Oh my gosh yall! This show was spectacular! And if you are wondering YES! Janet still has it! It was our first time attending a concert in Austin and our first at the Austin360 Amphitheater. We had so much fun much at this outdoor stadium and we prefer this one over the Dallas outdoor stadium because it was organized, plenty of space and more food options. We also had time to see the outdoor art gallery.

Austin is a very artistic and creative city all you have to do is get out and explore. You are bound to find something that inspires you.

And another thing!

If you are traveling to Austin from Dallas you must stop by the best tourist gas station, Buccee’s. This is a must stop for us! This time we jumped out and did our version of the Drake do you love me to dance.  Check it out on my IGTV right here!