How To Look Confident When Taking Headshots

Having your headshots taken be a nerve wrecking.  We usually will avoid the very things that make us uncomfortable. Today I am sharing 3 ways to feel more confident when having your headshot taken.

Headshots are useful in so many ways. They are the nice professional way to show your face to your audience. If you are a blogger, social media influencer or successful entrepreneur at some point you will need your headshot for business purposes. Here are 3 ways to help you look powerful and confident in your headshot.

1) Stand don’t sit: Standing helps you to feel solid and strong. When we sit down we tend to sink into our seats which makes us feel comforted and our body posture shows a more rounding versus straight and strong.  You want to appear strong, confident and assured in your headshot. When you stand send your shoulders back, eye gaze at a natural line of sight and chin down.

2) Laugh out loud: You read it right, if you are wanting to capture your headshot with you showing your bright shiny smile but don’t want to look too cheesy try laughing out loud. It isn’t as obnoxious as it sounds, I promise I do it all of the time and I can’t tell you how much it helps!  The fact is that you will actually start laughing at yourself and it will give your photographer a great laugh too! Free laughs for everyone!

3) Don’t look directly into the lens: Instead of looking into the dark abyss of the lens you can look in 3 other areas that will allow your eyes to stay within the lens range.

– The numbers/writing inside of the lens.

– The area right above the lens. The area that has the brand of camera written on it.

-The top of the photographers head.

So there you have it folks! 3 ways you can be more confident in your headshot. Tell me what were these tips helpful?