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How to Overcome Your Fear of Modeling

I wasn’t born with a dream of becoming a model. When I decided to pursue a modeling care I had to learn how to overcome my fear of modeling. I mean I was a tomboy in a county town driving my dad 1995 pickup truck that we called the green hornet. I wanted to go […]

Would you drive 600 miles for water?

You read it right, we drove over 600 miles (Las Colinas, Texas to Hot Springs, Arkansas) for water. I can see your eyebrows going up, eyes getting wide and you mouthing the words, ‘what in the world.’ Trust me it is worth it and I am about to explain why. About 2 years ago Luke […]

How to explore Austin Texas in 48 hours

How to explore Austin, Texas with only 48 hours to spare!    Living in Dallas, Texas I quickly learned that Austin, Texas is a city I should get familiar with. Being an actress in the DFW area often times I  have to hop the road for auditions. Austin is a city of entertainment and opportunities […]

8 Reasons You will Fall In Love with Las Vegas

We did it yall! We finally took our trip to Las Vegas, Nevada! After about 3 hours from touching down in the city, all I could mumble to myself was…’Why did I wait so long to visit this place!?’ I mean really, seriously and truly if you have not visited Las Vegas you need to add […]

Not Ashamed of who I love, anymore.

Picture this, after several nasty relationships you finally find someone who is your better half. Not the kind of better half that is nice to be around but the kind of better half that loves you the hardest on your worst days. Now imagine the feeling of wanting to shout about your love of this […]